Read more ...Click here to View/Download our study in collaboration with UNCTAD on corporate governance disclosure practices in Trinidad and Tobago:
- a review of the statutory requirements in T&T
- a description of the international benchmark
- results of our survey of what the companies listed on the T&T Stock Exchange disclose
- analysis of how CorpGov disclosure in T&T compares to other countries


Our study, in collaboration with United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), reveals important aspects about the scale, nature of the challenge, and path forward for corporate governance reform in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T).

Among the 45 nations reviewed by UNCTAD Boards of Directors in T&T have the lowest requirements to publicly disclose, even to their shareholders, the details of how they govern the companies they have been appointed directors for. It is equally noteworthy that, even though the disclosure requirements are so low, 94% of companies listed on the TTSE have been found to disclose more than the minimum. However, the average disclosure amount is still less than 50% of what Boards of Directors in other emerging markets disclose about their governance practices to their shareholders and investing public.

Legislative or regulatory reforms under way in T&T are not yet proposing to mandate more public disclosure. Instead there appears to be a trend towards more regulation. However, relying only on the regulators to prevent crises is not a recipe for success. T&T’s Corporate Governance environment, like that of all other countries, is too complex to be controlled sufficiently by regulators alone. Shareowners, the investing public and the media have crucial roles to play in ensuring that firms are governed properly. Furthermore, governance is not only about ensuring compliance with standards. Instead, it is about leadership and steering organizations safely towards sustained success.

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