Corporate Governance

Corporate governance refers to the systems and processes through which a company is directed and controlled. Corporate governance specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among company's stakeholders (including shareowners, directors, and managers) and articulates the rules and procedures for making decisions on corporate affairs. Thus, corporate governance provides the structure for defining, implementing, and monitoring a company's goals and objectives, and ensuring accountability to appropriate stakeholders.


At Syntegra, we recognize the vital importance of well-governed private and state owned enterprises to our society. More importantly, we understand the complex and unique governance challenges they face.


We work with boards to develop their corporate governance practices through the application of international best practices and consensus-based approaches with a local context that ensures relevance, acceptability and sustainability. We equip boards with the knowledge, tools and resources to discharge their fiduciary duty and to demonstrate the highest standards of accountability.


Area of Expertise

CG Benchmarking & Assessments

  • Board Evaluation
  • CG Benchmark Assessment

Board Training

  • Board Induction Workshop (New Director Orientation)
  • The Effective Board Workshop
  • Improving Corporate Governance In State Owned Enterprises

Consultancy Support

  • Board Strategy and Risk Review
  • Board Policy Development (Charter, Terms of Reference, Ethics Policy etc)
  • Integrated Reporting Framework Development
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